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  • Ahmed Saleh

AlUla date palm production exceeds 90,000 tons annually, significant increase

AlUla, March 19, 2024, This year has marked a remarkable surge in date palm cultivation across AlUla governorate, with production soaring to over 90,000 tons annually. Home to an impressive expanse of more than 2 million date palm trees, the region has become a focal point for agricultural development, spearheaded by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU).

With a steadfast commitment to expanding the cultivation of date palms and enhancing their care, RCU has embarked on various initiatives aimed at bolstering the agricultural landscape. These efforts include the implementation of projects geared towards increasing the number of date palm trees and improving their maintenance practices.

Moreover, RCU is actively involved in supporting local farmers and augmenting the value of dates through the organization of festivals and markets. These platforms offer farmers the opportunity to showcase and sell their produce both domestically and internationally, thereby fostering growth within the sector.

Demonstrating a profound dedication to the date palm industry, the Saudi leadership has prioritized its development and sustainability across all regions. This strategic focus aims to position Saudi dates as the preferred choice on the global stage, showcasing the kingdom's prowess in agricultural excellence.

In a testament to Saudi Arabia's ascendance in the date market, the country secured the top spot globally in terms of the value of date exports in 2021, as reported by Trade Map, a website of the International Trade Center. This achievement underscores the nation's growing influence and dominance in the international date trade arena.

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