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Saudi Ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al Jaber, meets with UN envoy Hans Grundberg.

Riyadh, August 09, 2023, In a significant diplomatic development, the Saudi Ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al Jaber, held a crucial meeting today with the United Nations envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg. In the course of the meeting, the attendees engaged in a comprehensive discussion regarding the political landscape, economic situation, developmental initiatives, and humanitarian relief endeavors undertaken by the Kingdom. These efforts are aimed at extending support to the Yemeni government and its people, who are regarded as brethren, with the ultimate goal of alleviating their ongoing hardships. During their meeting, the participants engaged in a fruitful discussion on strategies aimed at bolstering and reinforcing the United Nations' endeavors to achieve a comprehensive political resolution to bring an end to the ongoing Yemeni crisis. Additionally, they explored avenues to provide unwavering backing to Yemen in its pursuit of security, stability, and overall progress.

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