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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ambassador Al-Matar welcomes HRC President in important diplomatic meeting

Cairo, December 25, 2023, In a significant diplomatic encounter, Ambassador Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Matar, the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Arab League, welcomed Dr. Hala bint Mzayad Al-Tuwaijri, the President of the Human Rights Commission (HRC). The meeting, which took place amidst the 22nd session of the Arab Human Rights Charter Committee of the Arab League in Cairo from December 25th to 26th, included discussions on the active participation of the Kingdom's delegation.

The primary agenda of the session revolved around the evaluation of Saudi Arabia's initial periodic report. The Kingdom's delegation, consisting of esteemed members, played a pivotal role in the deliberations during the ongoing session. This diplomatic engagement underscores Saudi Arabia's commitment to engaging with regional bodies to address and assess its human rights practices.

The presence of Ambassador Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Matar and Dr. Hala bint Mzayad Al-Tuwaijri at this meeting highlights the importance both parties place on fostering dialogue and cooperation within the Arab League. The exchange of views and assessments during this session contributes to the broader discourse on human rights in the region. As Saudi Arabia actively participates in the discussions, it reaffirms its dedication to transparently engaging with international bodies to enhance its human rights practices and uphold its commitment to global standards.

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