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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ambassador Al-Rashidan meets Tajikistan's Agriculture Minister Hakimzoda

Dushanbe, February 02, 2024, The Ambassador of the Kingdom to Tajikistan, Walid bin Abdulrahman Al-Rashidan, engaged in a meeting with Tajikistan's Minister of Agriculture, Qurbon Hakimzoda. The discussion centered on bilateral relations, emphasizing avenues to enhance cooperation, with a special emphasis on the agricultural sector.

During the meeting, the two officials explored opportunities for strengthening ties and fostering collaboration between the Kingdom and Tajikistan in the agricultural domain. Additionally, they deliberated on the prospect of exchanging experiences and organizing reciprocal visits between the two nations.

This diplomatic interaction underscores the commitment of both countries to fortifying their bilateral connections and exploring mutually beneficial initiatives, with a specific focus on the vital agricultural sector. Such engagements contribute to building robust partnerships and promoting shared interests between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan.

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