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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ambassador Al-Saqr joins ministerial session at the Mediterranean Water Forum in Tunis

Tunis, February 05, 2024, Today, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ali Al-Saqr, the Saudi ambassador to Tunisia, actively participated in a ministerial session convened on the sidelines of the fifth annual Mediterranean Water Forum in the Tunisian capital, Tunis.

During his address at the session, Ambassador Al-Saqr brought attention to the Saudi government's significant initiative, the Saudi Green Initiative, launched in 2021. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to combat climate change, enhance the quality of life, and safeguard the Earth for future generations. Al-Saqr emphasized the initiative's commitment to mobilizing societal efforts to achieve pivotal objectives, including the reduction of emissions, large-scale afforestation, and the protection of natural ecosystems.

Highlighting the progress since the initiative's launch, the ambassador underscored that the Kingdom has translated its global environmental commitments into concrete measures. Notably, Saudi Arabia is steadily advancing towards the ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2060.

Ambassador Al-Saqr also shed light on the Saudi National Water Strategy 2030, recognizing water as a crucial driver for economic and social development. He emphasized water's fundamental role in meeting human needs, managing the environment, and ensuring a high quality of life. Addressing the scarcity of renewable water resources, particularly under arid climatic conditions with high water demand in the agricultural sector, the ambassador warned that water scarcity is a global challenge.

Affirming Saudi Arabia's commitment to preserving water resources and enhancing the quality of life to meet sustainable development goals, Al-Saqr announced Saudi Arabia's official bid to host the 2027 World Water Forum in Riyadh. This bid serves as a testament to the Kingdom's dedicated role in addressing water-related issues at both regional and global levels, showcasing its commitment to pioneering solutions for a sustainable future.

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