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  • Ahmed Saleh

Arab Interior Ministers' Council preparations: Koman meets Egypt's Tawfik in Cairo

Cairo, January 27, 2024, Today in Cairo, Dr. Mohammed bin Ali Koman, the Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, convened with Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Tawfik, the Egyptian Minister of Interior. This meeting was part of the preparations for the annual gathering of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers scheduled to take place in Tunis at the end of the coming February.

The discussions during the meeting encompassed a range of topics slated to be included in the agenda for the upcoming session of the Arab Interior Ministers Council. Additionally, the officials delved into strategies aimed at bolstering and refining mechanisms for collaborative security efforts among Arab nations, particularly in response to the escalating challenges confronting security services in the Arab countries during the current phase.

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