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  • Ahmed Saleh

Arab Parliament condemns global silence on Israel's Gaza aggression

Cairo, December 29, 2023, The Arab Parliament has strongly criticized the international community's silence in the face of Israel's ongoing aggression and crimes in the Gaza Strip. The legislative body particularly highlighted the Security Council's failure to issue a resolution for a ceasefire, underscoring the urgency of addressing what it termed "the largest humanitarian crisis facing the global conscience."

This condemnation was expressed in a statement released at the conclusion of a special session on Palestine titled “Supporting Palestine and Gaza,” held at the Arab League's General Secretariat headquarters in Cairo. The Arab Parliament took issue with countries that purportedly defend these actions in the name of human rights, emphasizing that these acts are, in reality, tantamount to "genocide."

The Arab Parliament outlined its regional and international efforts to halt the hostilities in Gaza through various channels. These efforts include ongoing communication with international and regional parliamentary unions, a call for the International Criminal Court to promptly investigate the massacres committed by the occupation authorities and prosecute those responsible as war criminals, and attempts to navigate the impasse at the UN Security Council, hindered by the American veto.

In a call to action, the Arab Parliament urged the United Nations General Assembly to activate the uniting for peace resolution. It further called for the issuance of a binding resolution for an immediate ceasefire and advocated for the continuous convening of the Palestine Committee of the Arab Parliament to address the ongoing crisis.

Emphasizing the enduring importance of the Palestinian issue to the Arab world, the Arab Parliament affirmed that it remains a paramount concern deeply rooted in the hearts of the Arab people. The statement underscored that Arab nations will not tolerate any infringement on the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including their fundamental right to live in freedom and dignity, and establish an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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