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  • Sheryll Mericido

Audi Saudi Arabia Offers 93 Kingdom Edition Luxury Sedans, SUVs

  • Several limited-edition Audi vehicles were introduced just in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • The Audi S6, S7, A8, and Q8 cars are included in the Kingdom Edition model line.

  • The 93 limited-edition vehicles can be ordered or purchased online at Audi Centers located around the Kingdom.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, An exclusive, limited-edition line of Audi Saudi Arabia's luxury sedan and SUV derivatives is now available. A selection of 93 extremely special Kingdom Edition models are being offered by the company with the Four Rings to commemorate 93 years of Saudi Arabia's unification and patriotism.

Four models make up the opulent limited-edition Kingdom Edition, which was meticulously chosen to match the prestigious credentials of Saudi Arabia. The high-performance sports engines of the Audi S6 and S7 sedans were chosen for their ability to provide distinctive exclusivity. The Audi A8, which is the epitome of status and authority and has been updated to be more confident and athletic, comes next. It has an extra-large interior that radiates high seating comfort in the back, along with outstanding comfort and dynamic handling. The Audi Q8, which impressively unites the spaciousness of an SUV with the expressive lines of a sports coupé, completes the Kingdom Edition range. The four special Kingdom Edition vehicles each offer a set of distinctive features, including leather upholstery as standard and an exclusive "Goodwood green" exterior color choice that was inspired by the Saudi Arabian flag. Other unique features include rear window mats with a rhombus design, Kingdom Edition scuff plates, KSA map embroidery in the headrests, a green rhombus pattern on the floor mats, and Saudi-inspired computerized motifs in the door entry lights.

"The Kingdom Edition series exemplifies Audi's commitment to excellence and innovation, combining luxury, sportiness, and exclusivity with a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia," said Carsten Bender, Managing Director of Audi Middle East. As a tribute to the visionaries who have defined the Kingdom's history and its promising future, we are pleased to present these limited-edition models. The Kingdom Edition cars are a real monument to Audi's commitment to providing excellent driving experiences and fostering meaningful relationships with our customers thanks to their distinctive design elements and exclusive amenities.

According to Abdulaziz Moolla, General Manager of Audi Saudi Arabia, "the introduction of these limited-edition luxury models is a unique tribute to the proud heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we're excited to have debuted them during the celebration of Saudi Founding Day." The Kingdom Edition is the first special edition Audi model range created and inspired specifically for Saudi Arabia, according to Furqan Ahmed, Audi Saudi Arabia's National Marketing Manager. This project honors the Saudi Arabian heritage of the Audi brand and is a passion project for Audi Saudi Arabia. Each patriotic person who purchases one of the 93 exceptional vehicles deserves a special celebration in honor of such a significant homage to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are overjoyed to present a customized gift set from the proudly Saudi Arabian business Atheya to each new owner of a Kingdom Edition.

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