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  • Ahmed Saleh

Bulgarian Academy, Sofia University Scientists Uncover 83-Million-Year-Old Animal Fossils

Sofia, August 7, 2023, According to a report by the Bulgarian News Agency, a team of esteemed scientists hailing from the prestigious Institute of Geology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and Sofia University have made a remarkable discovery. They have unearthed the fossilized remnants of a diverse array of ancient creatures that once roamed the very land we now know as Bulgaria, a staggering 83 million years ago. The remarkable findings were unveiled by paleontologists during the "Trun 2023" expedition, conducted under the auspices of the esteemed National Museum of Natural History at BAS. This captivating endeavor focused on unearthing the fossilized remnants of the Late Cretaceous vertebrate fauna, nestled within the vicinity of the tranquil southwestern town of Tran.

As per the accounts of the team members, the ongoing fieldwork in the vicinity of Trun is anticipated to persist until the 11th of August this year. Among the captivating discoveries hitherto made, we encounter a pair of vertebral elements originating from formidable reptilian creatures, plausibly belonging to the esteemed lineage of dinosaurs.

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