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  • Ahmed Saleh

Confluence of Saudi-Korean Culture" Show Unveiled in Riyadh

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts, in conjunction with the Korean National University of Arts, launched the inaugural "Confluence of Saudi-Korean Culture" show on Monday. Hosted at the Red Hall of the Princess Noura University Theater in Riyadh, the three-day event offers a unique exploration into the richness of Saudi and Korean arts.

This pioneering show showcases a fusion of theatrical and performance displays, featuring five Saudi performing arts alongside their Korean counterparts. The objective is to deepen cultural and artistic understanding on both sides, culminating in an integrated performing art piece that harmonizes steps and rhythms from both cultures. The event also includes an art exhibition featuring traditional arts such as metals, pottery, wooden crafts, and hand embroidery, telling the tale of the convergence between art and artists.

The audience, comprised of visitors from Saudi Arabia and South Korea, will witness performances by 50 artists, including representatives from the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts and the Korean National University of Arts. The Saudi segment of the show celebrates the cultural diversity of the Kingdom, presenting various arts like Al-Samri, Al-Daha, Al-Liwa, Al-Khatwa, and Al-Khabiti.

Dr. Suzanne Al-Yahya, CEO of the Royal Institute, emphasized that the show enhances the artistic movement and promotes global cultural exchange with the Kingdom. She highlighted its role as a nexus for traditional arts on both local and global scales, raising awareness and disseminating these artistic forms locally and internationally. The event is expected to garner support from prominent leaders in the cultural sector, solidifying its status as a pioneering initiative in the realm of cultural exchange.

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