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  • Ahmed Saleh

CST releases Q4 2023 report for "GameMode" initiative

Riyadh, March 14, 2024, The Communications and Space Technology Commission (CST) has unveiled its fourth-quarter 2023 report detailing the progress of the "GameMode" initiative. In a press release, CST outlined a set of recommendations aimed at enhancing the quality of Internet connections tailored specifically for online gaming, along with guidelines for optimizing home network setups and maximizing the efficiency of network devices.

Additionally, the report elucidated the steps necessary for active participation in advancing the objectives of the "GameMode" initiative, which includes registering for a "Meqyas fixed internet" device. This device empowers users to assess the internet performance of popular applications and online games, ensuring an enhanced gaming experience. Moreover, the report stays abreast of the latest gaming trends and incorporates performance metrics in its quarterly releases.

The "GameMode" initiative serves to foster competition among telecom service providers, driving them to deliver optimal gaming experiences while bolstering transparency in the market through the publication of data and performance indicators' results. Furthermore, it offers investors and stakeholders a comprehensive view of market performance indicators in Saudi Arabia.

For access to the full report, interested parties can visit: [link to the report](

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