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  • Ahmed Saleh

Dr. Ryadh Alkhareif engages in IDA replenishment review at World Bank

Zanzibar, December 10, 2023, Dr. Ryadh Alkhareif, Deputy Finance Minister for International Affairs, actively participated in the inaugural session of the mid-term review meetings of the 20th replenishment of the International Development Association (IDA) within the World Bank Group. The event, taking place in the United Republic of Tanzania from December 6 to 8, 2023, aimed at assessing progress and strategizing for future initiatives.

During the opening session, Alkhareif emphasized the Kingdom's distinguished standing as a global leader in international development efforts. He underscored the significance of the IDA's continual refinement of support mechanisms and stressed the importance of aligning with international initiatives spearheaded by Saudi Arabia during its G20 presidency. Notably, Alkhareif highlighted the Kingdom's commitment to addressing critical issues such as debt management and climate change.

The Deputy Finance Minister's active involvement in the mid-term review meetings signals Saudi Arabia's ongoing commitment to global development and its proactive role in shaping strategies that contribute to the advancement of international initiatives. The Kingdom's leadership in areas like debt management and climate change further reinforces its dedication to fostering positive change on the global stage.

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