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  • Ahmed Saleh

During the third week of Rajab, Prophet's Mosque hosted 6,477,169 worshipers

Madinah, January 31, 2024, During the third week of Rajab, the General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Prophet's Mosque revealed that a total of 6,477,169 worshipers and visitors were hosted at the revered site, benefitting from comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of both worshippers and visitors.

According to the authority's statistics, 631,540 individuals visited the tomb of Prophet Mohammed during the past week. Additionally, 293,058 male worshippers and 134,442 female worshippers performed prayers at Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa. These activities followed organizational procedures that efficiently managed crowd movements and scheduled prayer times for both men and women.

Furthermore, the authority reported that 15,233 elderly individuals and those with disabilities availed themselves of the services provided to them last week. The multilingual guidance services were accessed by 12,796 visitors, and 12,862 sought information at the Prophet's Mosque's library.

Exhibitions and museums within the mosque welcomed 2,492 beneficiaries, and a total of 139,706 diverse gifts were distributed to male and female visitors. Additionally, 13,306 guidance and counseling services were rendered through the unified hotline and communication channels, as part of the comprehensive services offered for the well-being of worshippers at the Prophet's Mosque.

To cater to the physical needs of the visitors, over 142,400 bottles of Zamzam water were provided, and 94,561 Iftar meals were distributed in the mosque corridors designated for fasting individuals.

Field services included on-site guidance provided to 107,430 beneficiaries. Movement facilitation services between the courtyards and gates of the Prophet's Mosque were extended to 32,731 visitors. More than 153,600 bottles of Zamzam water were distributed on-site, accompanied by the provision of 182,623 Iftar meals in designated areas for fasting individuals within the Prophet's Mosque. The comprehensive services aim to enhance the experience of worshippers and visitors, ensuring a meaningful and well-supported visit to this sacred site.

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