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  • Ahmed Saleh

E-portal launched for iftar banquet permits at Grand Holy Mosque

Makkah, March 03, 2024, The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque has introduced an e-portal for the submission of permits to organize iftar banquets within the Grand Holy Mosque during Ramadan 1445 Hijri. This initiative aims to streamline the application process for those interested in arranging banquets during the holy month.

To submit applications, individuals can visit the general presidency's website. Upon accessing the site, they can navigate to the section dedicated to iftar banquets and proceed with the registration procedures to obtain the necessary permits. This online platform is designed to enhance efficiency and convenience, facilitating a smoother experience for those seeking to contribute to the organization of iftar banquets within the Grand Holy Mosque during Ramadan.

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