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  • Ahmed Saleh

Eastern Mosque in Al-Yamamah village reflects enduring Najdi architectural style

Al-Kharj, April 08, 2024, The Eastern Mosque in Al-Yamamah village, situated in Al-Kharj governorate, stands as a significant representation of the enduring Najdi architectural style, with a rich history dating back to between 1050 and 1100 AH, as documented in historical sources.

The architectural design of the mosque was meticulously crafted to suit the climatic conditions prevalent in the region. A basement was strategically constructed to provide warmth for worshippers and students during the winter months and offer a cool refuge from the intense summer heat. The mosque's roof, constructed using tamarisk wood, is flat and features a solid, level layer that aligns with the mihrab (prayer niche) on the ground floor.

Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Al-Saees, an expert on local history, notes that an ablution room was built adjacent to the mosque, and a well was dug in the northwestern part to cater to the mosque's water needs as well as the local community's.

The basement of the mosque includes openings that allow natural light and air to filter in during the daytime, along with hangers for lamps that provide illumination at night. The courtyard, separating the basement area from the upper part of the mosque, can accommodate 40-60 worshippers.

Despite its age, the mosque was last used for prayers in 1432 AH, as it required restoration to preserve its historical significance. Locals took measures to maintain the mosque in its original state, placing barriers around it for protection.

Historical records indicate that the mosque suffered significant damage in 1170 AH but underwent restoration afterward. The construction materials used for the mosque were sourced locally, including solid petrified mud veins, a layer of mud mixed with gypsum, palm fronds, and twigs.

Approximately 70 years ago, the mosque underwent its last restoration, highlighting the community's dedication to preserving this invaluable historical landmark for future generations.

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