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  • Ahmed Saleh

EXEED revealed advanced green energy tech at User Eco Co-Creation Conference

EXEED unveiled its cutting-edge green energy technology during the Technology Day at the User Eco Co-Creation Conference on October 16. The company continues to push the boundaries in offering advanced solutions that combine high performance and energy efficiency, ensuring a sustainable and exciting driving experience.

The Green Revolution of EXEED RX:

EXEED's flagship model, the RX, has made a significant impact with its remarkable fusion of high performance and energy-efficient attributes. This translates to more miles per gallon for your EXEED RX, currently consuming just 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers, resulting in substantial cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint. The transition also provides smoother and more precise control over the vehicle's power.

Additionally, the EXEED RX significantly extends its all-electric range, relieving the anxiety of running out of battery power and enhancing acceleration, enabling a thrilling zero to 100 sprint in seconds. EXEED has incorporated 72 hybrid low-energy technologies, including three new hybrid elements: a hybrid-efficient engine, a hybrid-specific transmission, and a hybrid-specific battery management system, establishing its leadership in the green car industry. These enhancements promise a more enjoyable and efficient driving experience, requiring less time for refueling and reducing your carbon footprint.

EXEED Advanced Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Path to Efficiency:

EXEED's commitment to energy efficiency goes beyond fuel consumption, focusing on creating a hassle-free commuting experience in all driving scenarios. With top-of-the-line hardware and an intelligent cockpit, the EXEED Advanced Hybrid/Electric ensures an enhanced driving experience.

No longer need to worry about driving on cold winter days, as the battery's longevity is now extended. Features like the Dual-Layer Flow HVAC improve the winter range by 10%, while the high-efficiency heat pump reduces winter energy consumption by 30% and increases the winter range by approximately 50 kilometers. The EXEED also boasts an impressive 91% overall efficiency, making your electric drive highly efficient and extending battery life by 5%.

The new 800V fast charging platform is a game changer, adding 150 kilometers of range in just five minutes, making charging as convenient as grabbing a coffee. Furthermore, EXEED's focus on reducing system drag and component power consumption decreases wind resistance to 0.21, extending urban commute times by up to 5%, making city driving more efficient.

EXEED's commitment to user experience extends beyond efficiency and energy savings, as evidenced by the advanced Lion 6.0 Third Space Cockpit. The integrated 960W peak-power Lion Melody audio system boasts 23 speakers, offering an exceptional listening experience. These features create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for passengers, making long-distance travel a pleasure.

EXEED's new green energy technology is set to revolutionize the way we drive, with a focus on enhancing performance, energy efficiency, and the overall user experience to lead transportation towards a greener, more enjoyable future. Moreover, EXEED's presentation at the User Eco Co-Creation Conference introduced other groundbreaking technologies like Mars Architecture, Kunpeng Power, and Lion Intelligence.

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