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  • Ahmad Bashari

Falconers Entrust Their Prized Birds to Specialized Caretakers Before New Hunting Season

Falconers in Saudi Arabia hand over their falcons to qualified caretakers in the off-season period, called "miqyad," for up to seven months.

The miqyad period allows the falcons to go through the natural molting process, which implies the shedding of old feathers and then the growth of new feathers.

During miqyad, falcons are provided with specialized care in facilities with appropriate temperature, lighting, and ventilation to maintain their health and allow them to exhibit natural behavior.

To Rafha, the 19th of May, 2024, SPA: Falconers in Saudi Arabia hand over their treasured falcons to trained caregivers for a period of up to seven months when the hunting season comes to an end and migratory birds return to the places where they nest. Known as "miqyad," this off-season period provides these lovely birds with exceptional care and leisure in meticulously prepared facilities.

During a visit to a falcon care center in Rafha, the Saudi Press Agency was able to observe the laborious process of caring for these birds.

Falah Al-Shammari, the proprietor of the facility and a falcon enthusiast with more than twenty years of experience, explained that the miqyad is necessary for falcons to go through their natural molting process, which entails the loss of old feathers and the growth of new feathers. This period, which starts in March and goes on until October, requires special care to be given to maintain the health of the falcons.

According to Al-Shammari, it is important to offer the right ambiance to the falcons for the miqyad season.

The rooms' temperature is always maintained between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius inside, which is relatively warm and comfortable. Sand-coated flooring allows natural sunlight to enter and lets the falcons spread their wings with natural behavior. The place is designed further with blue lighting and controlled ventilation systems.

When falcons participate in miqyad, it is the responsibility of the facility owners to ensure their safety.

As mentioned by Al-Shammari, he examines the feeding habits of the birds, as well as the quality of their food and their overall health. Falconers have an intimate commitment to their greatest birds, which extends beyond the hunting season and necessitates thorough care and upkeep. His devotion exemplifies this bond.

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