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  • Ahmad Bashari

The Northern Borders Cave Exploration Program is Started by NCW

The Saudi Arabian National Center for Wildlife (NCW) launched this exploration initiative, which focuses on caves near the country's northern borders.

It is a component of a larger effort that will investigate ecosystems and biodiversity throughout the country's land and marine regions.

The effort aims to preserve history, gain international reputation, and conserve animals by reviving hunting cheetahs and recovering extinct species.

"Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May 19, 2024, SPA."– The National Center for Wildlife, NCW, is going to start an innovative exploration program with tunnels in the Northern Borders as its focal point.

The program, which was launched in 2022 as a component of a larger initiative, aims to monitor ecosystems and biodiversity generally throughout the Kingdom's extensive terrestrial and maritime territories.

Its three goals are to conserve wildlife, preserve archaeological sites, and be listed internationally. Dr. Mohammed Qurban, the CEO of the National Cave Foundation, states that "the exploration of these caves contains huge historical and environmental value for the Kingdom." According to the writer, "these caves are a natural museum as they manifest the evolution of biodiversity throughout the history of the region and are an archaeological manifestation of previous climatic and temperature changes on the Arabian Peninsula." "In the past, the National Conservation Workgroup discovered cheetah mummies in a cave in Saudi Arabia's northern region." It is the first evidence of this species in the Kingdom and is more than 4,000 years old. The National Center for Wildlife (NCW) is creating a program to restore hunting cheetahs in light of this discovery, enabling them to continue playing a vital role in preserving ecological equilibrium.

Qurban claims that bones of extinct creatures and some of the rarest bat species on the earth have been found in the caverns of the Kingdom by researchers from the National caverns of the World (NCW). In an attempt to reintroduce the remains, scientists are currently dating and classifying the remains. "The ultimate goal is to reintroduce these extinct species or their closest genetic relatives, allowing them to reclaim their ecological roles."

Showcasing the natural heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the NCW program has 1,826 designated caves. The program also backs possible extinct species resurgence as well as conservation initiatives.

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