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  • Ahmed Saleh

Governor Prince Salman inaugurates 12th Cultures and Peoples' Festival in Madinah

Madinah, April 29, 2024, Governor Prince Salman bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz inaugurated the 12th edition of the Cultures and Peoples' Festival, hosted by the Islamic University in Madinah and scheduled until May 6. The festival aims to foster unity, understanding, and communication among different cultures and nations, emphasizing Islamic values, teamwork, and peaceful coexistence.

During the inauguration, Prince Salman explored the pavilions representing various participating countries, learning about the festival's mission to promote dialogue, cooperation, and peace globally. The event serves as a platform for university students from around 95 countries to showcase their diverse cultures, traditions, and customs, fostering an environment of collaboration and unity.

Dr. Hassan bin Abdulmunim Al-Oufi, Acting President of the Islamic University, highlighted the significant role played by over 100,000 graduates from 170 countries in their respective societies. He emphasized that the festival serves as a bridge where Eastern and Western cultures converge, promoting harmony and mutual understanding.

Spanning 7,000 square meters, the festival features a rich array of activities and events catering to families, children, and the community. Visitors can engage in various cultural experiences, including celebrations of Saudi Arabian coffee, Arabic poetry, cuisine, tea, and the Year of the Camel 2024. Additionally, the festival offers entertainment, educational, and cultural corners to provide an enriching and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

With an expected attendance of over 100,000 visitors, the Cultures and Peoples' Festival serves as a vibrant celebration of diversity, cooperation, and cultural exchange, contributing to the promotion of peace and mutual respect among nations.

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