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  • Ahmed Saleh

Grand Mosque Authority aids female visitors during Ramadan

Madinah, April 04, 2024, The General Authority for the Care of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque has been actively engaged in efforts to cater to female visitors during the sacred month of Ramadan. In the first half of Ramadan, a significant number of 3,214,650 female worshippers visited the women's sections and courtyards of the Prophet's Mosque. Additionally, the General Presidency distributed 974,309 iftar meals, 1,120,440 liters of Zamzam water, and more than 163,000 ready-to-drink Zamzam water bottles, underscoring their commitment to meeting the needs of female worshippers.

In the realm of guidance and counseling, the General Presidency organized a total of 754 lessons in Arabic and an additional 213 lessons in other languages. Moreover, over 14,316 brochures and pamphlets were disseminated, providing valuable information and support to female visitors.

The Rare Manuscripts Exhibition hosted by the General Authority saw participation from 11 delegations of females, totaling 337 visitors. Similarly, the Prophet's Mosque Expansion Exhibition attracted 24 delegations of females, with a total of 707 visitors, showcasing the authority's dedication to promoting cultural and historical awareness among female worshippers.

The General Authority remains steadfast in its commitment to continually enhance the comfort and experience of female visitors and worshippers, striving to provide a comprehensive range of services that meet their diverse needs during the holy month and beyond.

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