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  • Ahmed Saleh

Gulf Health Council joins Arab Health Exhibition, Dubai, largest annual conference

Dubai, January 29, 2024, The Gulf Health Council is actively engaged in the Arab Health Exhibition, the largest annual medical conference in the Middle East and North Africa, which commenced today in Dubai. The council's participation in this event is driven by the desire to seize the opportunity to share experiences with international companies and experts in the medical field.

With more than 4,150 companies and 52 envoys in attendance, the conference serves as a dynamic platform for enhancing global healthcare standards through the exchange of knowledge and experience. The council's involvement in such gatherings is aimed at conducting meetings with both international and regional stakeholders, fostering collaboration with Arab and global medical organizations, and addressing pertinent medical and scientific issues. It places a strong emphasis on prioritizing joint programs in Gulf countries, evaluating existing strategies, and endorsing successful practices for the collective benefit of member states.

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