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  • Ahmed Saleh

Hawi launches amateur football and padel tennis tournaments across cities

Riyadh, March 05, 2024, The National Portal for Hobbies (Hawi), an integral facet of the Quality-of-Life program, has unveiled plans for amateur tournaments in football and padel tennis, set to take place across Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam this month. These tournaments aim to ignite a spirit of competition and active participation among the diverse club teams enrolled in Hawi, while also fostering sports engagement within the community.

In a recent announcement, Hawi disclosed details of the football championship qualifiers, which feature 16 teams in Riyadh. The competitions commenced on March 2 and will culminate on March 22. In Jeddah, the tournaments kick off tomorrow and continue until March 10. Meanwhile, the padel tennis tournament is slated to include 16 teams in Riyadh and Jeddah, along with 32 teams in Dammam, running from March 7 to March 9.

The organization emphasized that these events are geared towards promoting involvement in sports hobbies, empowering individuals, and encouraging people to embrace their preferred recreational pursuits. Such initiatives are aligned with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, aimed at enhancing quality of life, raising community awareness, and establishing 6,000 amateur clubs throughout the Kingdom by 2030.

According to Hawi's Marketing and Communication Officer, Enad bin Saad Al-Nafi'i, the Hawi Championships aspire to foster a competitive environment that inspires amateurs to excel. This initiative dovetails with Hawi's ongoing efforts to advocate for hobby engagement within the community and underscore their significance. Al-Nafi'i emphasized that these tournaments provide an opportunity for all amateurs to register on the Hawi application and avail themselves of various services, including diverse facilities, spaces, tournaments, competitions, and club-hosted events and activities.

Furthermore, Al-Nafi'i revealed that these two championships represent just the beginning of a series of sports events slated by Hawi throughout 2024. Following these initial tournaments, several championships catering to different cities and interests will be organized in collaboration with Hawi's partners. This concerted effort reflects fruitful partnerships geared towards offering optimal opportunities and services for enthusiasts, thereby fostering a culture of hobbies and integrating them into the fabric of community life. Such endeavors are in line with the objectives of the Quality-of-Life Program, a cornerstone of Vision 2030.

These tournaments are conducted in collaboration with the Golato application and the Berain Water Company, as part of Hawi's collaborative efforts across various sectors to support initiatives for the advancement and development of the recreational industry. Previously, the Quality-of-Life Program Center and the Golato application forged a memorandum of cooperation to streamline amateur athletes' access to various sports facilities. Through the Hawi platform, amateurs can now conveniently book over 500 facilities for Golato use.

Hawi operates through the collaboration of 12 government agencies dedicated to invigorating the hobby sector within the Kingdom. Its objectives encompass the establishment of hobby clubs, facilitating membership registrations, processing support requests, elucidating sector regulations, overseeing space and facility reservations, and facilitating the establishment and attendance of training courses, all while actively fostering community partnerships with local institutions.

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