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  • Ahmed Saleh

Heavy snow in Tokyo causes 109 injuries, reports Xinhua

Tokyo, February 6, 2024, According to reports from Xinhua citing local media, Tokyo witnessed a surge in hospitalizations due to heavy snowfall in eastern Japan, resulting in at least 109 individuals sustaining injuries as of Tuesday morning. Kyodo News, referencing the Tokyo Fire Department, noted that those admitted to hospitals by 10 am local time ranged in age from four to 92, with no reports of life-threatening conditions.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) rescinded heavy snow warnings for all 23 wards of Tokyo and its Tama region shortly after midnight on Tuesday. However, some areas continued to experience snowfall and rain into the morning hours. While weather officials indicated that snowfall had reached its peak, they emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant regarding potential traffic disruptions caused by snow accumulation and icy road conditions.

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