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  • Ahmed Saleh

Modern Heritage Strategy project safeguards modern urban heritage milestone.

Riyadh, August 7, 2023, The Modern Heritage Strategy project, initiated by the Heritage Commission, represents a significant milestone in the implementation of the broader Modern Urban Initiative. Launched in November 2022, this initiative aims to safeguard the crucial elements of modern urban heritage. The aforementioned statement encapsulates the fundamental components that have played a pivotal role in shaping the collective recollection and historical development of architecture and urban planning within the Kingdom. The user's text describes a multi-stage initiative focused on documenting, preserving, and developing modern heritage buildings and sites in various regions of the Kingdom. The initiative involves several key activities, including listing and classification, architectural and urban documentation, registration and coding, restoration and rehabilitation, development and investment, and management and operation. These activities are part of the main scientific programs identified by UN Women to implement the initiative, namely the modern urban heritage exploration and registration program, the modern urban heritage documentation program, and the modern urban heritage conservation and restoration program. The commission has delineated a set of eight significant benchmarks that serve as the foundational elements of the "Modern Urban Heritage Initiative." These benchmarks are crucial in the process of identifying, selecting, and officially registering modern urban heritage landmarks and buildings. The factors that contribute to the significance of a site encompass various dimensions. These include its aesthetic appeal and cultural-historical significance, as well as its scientific and technological value. Additionally, the status of a building as a landmark, the rarity of its existence, and its spatial context all play a role in determining its importance. Lastly, the current condition and authenticity of the site are crucial factors to consider when assessing its significance. When a building has achieved all or a minimum of four of these standards, it becomes eligible for inclusion in the national urban heritage register. The user's text highlights an initiative that aligns with the Heritage Commission's overarching goal of recognizing heritage as a valuable cultural asset. The initiative is guided by the commission's mission to safeguard, oversee, and foster the advancement of various elements of cultural heritage, including modern urban buildings. The user's text discusses an initiative that pertains to a significant architectural era in the Kingdom's progress. This period is notable for its correlation with shifts in construction methods, which align with the economic and social advancements witnessed by Saudi society during the last sixty years. The user's text highlights the objective of preserving and reviving the architectural remnants of a specific era, regardless of their current state of existence or the extent of their neglect in preceding epochs.

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