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  • Ahmed Saleh

HRC President Dr. Al-Tuwaijri highlights human-centric focus in Saudi Vision 2030

Cairo, December 26, 2023, President of the Human Rights Commission (HRC), Dr. Hala bint Mazyad Al-Tuwaijri, emphasized the human-centric orientation of Saudi Vision 2030 during the conclusion of the 22nd session of the Arab Human Rights Committee at the Arab League headquarters.

The primary focus of the session was to review Saudi Arabia's initial periodic report on its efforts to uphold human rights and freedoms, as outlined in the Arab Human Rights Charter. In a joint press conference with Jaber Al-Marri, Chairman of the Arab Human Rights Committee, Al-Tuwaijri highlighted the Kingdom's significant advancements and reforms across various sectors, including economic, social, cultural, entertainment, sports, and fundamental rights, including justice.

She underscored the interconnected nature of human rights, emphasizing that it is impossible to prioritize one right or aspect over another. Al-Marri praised Saudi Arabia's inaugural periodic report, acknowledging substantial progress in the field of human rights. He emphasized that this progress reflects the human rights-centered approach endorsed by the Kingdom's political leadership. Notably, this approach includes the adoption of Saudi Vision 2030 as a comprehensive framework for strengthening the human rights landscape in the country.

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