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Hyundai unveils redesigned Santa Fe with big data upgrades

Hyundai Motor Company unveiled its completely redesigned Santa Fe. The fifth-generation midsize SUV maintains its distinctive nature-meets-city appeal while introducing significant upgrades based on big data and the most recent trends in outdoor lifestyle.

Hyundai Motor adopted a novel strategy with a lifestyle-based design typology for the Santa Fe's first major model update since 2018 in order to maximize the rear baggage space and better support urban and outdoor activities. The result is a powerful new vehicle with an exterior that is both strong and exquisitely crafted and an expansive, adaptable interior that flows from the openness of its larger tailgate and gives users a terrace-like space whenever and wherever they need it.

"The all-new Santa Fe is an SUV that finds the perfect balance between city life and the great outdoors, handling everything from busy family itineraries to car camping adventures," said SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center. The new Santa Fe leans on its SUV qualities to offer more versatility than ever before as well as a premium customer experience. It has a longer wheelbase, a roomy interior, and a terrace-like tailgate area.

enhancing presence with a powerful, distinctive external design

The lengthy wheelbase and large tailgate area give the all-new Santa Fe its boxy design and distinctive profile.

The vehicle's lofty hood, H-shaped headlamps, and bold, pointed fenders give the front end a sense of grandeur. To improve visual harmony and completeness, the H-shaped headlamps complement the lower front design with an H motif. The 'H' symbol of Hyundai is reinterpreted by the H-shaped design elements.

When viewed from the side, the longer wheelbase allows for a bold roofline, strong volume around the fenders, sharply defined wheel arches, a shorter front overhang, and 21-inch wheels, all of which contribute to the SUV's rugged, adventurous appearance.

The rear end, which is characterized by its larger tailgate and simplicity, balances the outward design. In order to achieve harmony and provide the Santa Fe with a distinctive presence on the road, both day and night, the H-shaped taillights are combined with the front H lights.

The spacious cabin and expanded tailgate offer best-in-class accommodations.

The interior of the brand-new Santa Fe offers large living spaces for an easy outdoor lifestyle with accommodations for adventurers and their gear. When the larger tailgate is opened, the cabin is roomy and has a terrace-like vibe in the back. The second and third rows' fully folding seats offer the most interior capacity in their class. Users may take advantage of the outdoors in the most straightforward way possible thanks to all of these characteristics.

By enabling young families to use the rear area for a range of activities including grocery shopping, home repair projects, sports and recreation, gardening, family outings, and pet transportation, this feature also makes the all-new Santa Fe a scene-stealer in urban settings.

By standing in stark contrast to the robust exterior, the elegant interior provides a welcome surprise. With an H-motif applied to the dashboard and air vents to increase the sensation of openness and create a special sensibility, the interior design places a strong emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines.

The panoramic curved display and dual wireless charging are just two examples of the high-tech innovations that highlight the all-new Santa Fe's interior sophistication. The 12.3-inch digital cluster and entertainment system are connected by a curved display that improves driver sight and exudes luxury.

Also adding to the feeling of space are the vividly colored seats and headliner, while the Nappa leather seats with subtle embroidery and soft-touch wood patterning give a refined design.

Additionally, the new SUV uses a number of eco-friendly elements. The crash pad and door trim covers are made of eco-friendly leatherette, while the suede headliner, car mats, and second- and third-row seatbacks are constructed of recycled plastic.

The all-new Santa Fe's distinctive style is highlighted by the interior and exterior hues, which draw inspiration from natural light. These colors infuse daily life and outdoor and city adventures with inspiration and vibrancy.

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