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  • Ahmed Saleh

In 2023, SFDA conducted 58,000+ inspections across the Kingdom's establishments

Riyadh, January 7, 2024, In the year 2023, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) undertook an extensive effort, conducting over 58,000 inspections of establishments under its purview throughout the Kingdom. During these thorough inspections, the SFDA identified close to 8,000 violations of its regulations.

In response to these findings, the SFDA took decisive action by closing 259 establishments found to violate its regulations. Furthermore, the authority successfully cleared almost 32,000 shipments passing through the Kingdom's ports, with only 4,000 shipments rejected. Impressively, the average processing time for each shipment was efficiently maintained at 51 minutes.

The SFDA is committed to ensuring compliance with technical regulations and food specifications through regular inspections of the facilities under its supervision. Collaborating with relevant authorities, these inspections aim to uphold the highest standards to guarantee consumer safety and health. Legal measures are taken against those found to be violating regulations.

To enhance its vigilance, the SFDA encourages the public to actively participate in maintaining the integrity of the food and drug regulatory system. Individuals are urged to report any observed violations of establishments under SFDA supervision through the unified number (19999) or by utilizing the "Tameni" application. This collaborative effort between regulatory authorities and the public plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and quality of products available in the market.

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