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  • Ahmed Saleh

Jazan Winter Festival 2024 features captivating drone shows with creative displays

Jizan, Jan 6, 2024, The Jazan Winter Festival 2024, themed "More Beautiful and Warmer," added a captivating entertainment element with spectacular drone shows featuring creative models and paintings in the skies of Jizan city. The festival, inaugurated on Thursday, introduced an innovative dimension to its offerings, leaving visitors enchanted with visually stunning and expressive images.

For the first time, the festival showcased remarkable drone shows, incorporating over 1400 illuminated drones that gracefully adorned the city's night sky. These synchronized drones formed intricate photos and images, including depictions of the Saudi leadership, the governor of the Jazan region, and the official festival logo. The creative use of drone technology added a mesmerizing touch to the event, captivating the audience and contributing to the overall festive atmosphere.

The Jazan Winter Festival continues to evolve as a vibrant celebration, not only highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the region but also integrating cutting-edge technology for a unique and visually striking experience. The introduction of drone shows reflects the commitment of the organizers to provide diverse and engaging entertainment, making the festival a memorable and immersive experience for all attendees. As visitors marveled at the illuminated sky paintings, the festival showcased its ability to blend tradition with modern innovation, creating an event that truly lives up to its theme of being "More Beautiful and Warmer."

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