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JIAT Legal Counsel Refutes Allegations of Coalition Forces Errors in Yemen Operations

Riyadh, December 27, 2023, In a press conference held at the Armed Forces Officers Club in Riyadh, Yemen's Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) Legal Counselor, Mansour Al-Mansour, vehemently denied several claims made by global bodies and international organizations regarding alleged errors committed by the Coalition Forces to Support Legitimacy in Yemen during military operations. Al-Mansour provided detailed assessments of four incidents raised in these claims during the conference.

The first incident, dated September 7, 2015, involved accusations that Coalition Forces targeted the "Aden Hotel" in Khurmaksar directorate of Aden governorate. Al-Mansour stated that JIAT meticulously reviewed documents, including air tasking orders, mission schedules, satellite images, and more. The conclusion was that the Coalition Forces did not conduct any air missions in Aden governorate on the claimed date, debunking the allegations of targeting Aden Hotel.

The second incident, dated July 11, 2018, accused Coalition Forces of targeting a car south of Al-Tuhyta, resulting in casualties and vehicle destruction. Al-Mansour clarified that JIAT's investigation revealed the Coalition Forces targeted a military site—a cannon—south of Al-Tuhyta, and there was no airstrike on a car. The descriptions provided in the claim did not match the military target, affirming the accuracy of the Coalition Forces' actions.

The third incident, reported by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on March 26, 2022, alleged two airstrikes hit Al-Mukram village in Kamaran directorate of Al-Hodeidah governorate. Al-Mansour detailed that JIAT found the village to be under Houthi control and the Coalition Forces targeted two military buildings used as command and control headquarters for hostile naval operations, and a weapons depot. The strikes were in line with International Humanitarian Law, achieving a military advantage with precautions taken to avoid civilian harm.

Al-Mansour highlighted JIAT's thorough examination of satellite and aerial images, video recordings, and after-mission reports, confirming the precise targeting of the military objectives. Contrary to claims, there was no evidence of a medical facility in the targeted area, supporting the legality of Coalition Forces' actions.

In conclusion, Al-Mansour affirmed that the procedures taken by the Coalition Forces in the mentioned incidents were correct and aligned with International Humanitarian Law and its customary rules. The detailed assessments aim to provide transparency and clarity regarding the Coalition Forces' actions in Yemen, countering misinformation and ensuring accountability in military operations.

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