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  • Ahmed Saleh

KAPL partners with ALECSO and National Commission for cultural dissemination

Tunis, January 29, 2024, King Abdulaziz Public Library (KAPL) has formalized a collaborative partnership today with the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) and the National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science. The primary objective of this agreement is to contribute to the widespread dissemination of knowledge and culture throughout the Arab world, leveraging the diverse projects and programs offered by the library.

This strategic initiative aligns seamlessly with the Kingdom's commitment to fostering cooperative and sustainable efforts, a commitment prominently emphasized at the ongoing "ALECSO Forum for Business and Partnerships" currently taking place in Tunisia.

The agreement encompasses collaboration on a variety of programs and projects. A noteworthy component includes the creation of a podcast series centered around translation and artificial intelligence, featuring experts in the fields of translation, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies. Furthermore, there are plans for online training courses focused on the Unified Arab Index, coupled with a significant paper book donation to libraries in Arab countries facing the most substantial needs.

Additionally, the partnership entails the provision of virtual exhibitions, featuring highlights such as an Arabic calligraphy exhibition. It also involves the organization of a virtual forum designed to facilitate meetings that showcase successful Arab experiences influenced by reading. This comprehensive collaboration underscores a concerted effort to enrich cultural exchange and promote knowledge-sharing throughout the Arab region.

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