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  • Ahmed Saleh

KSrelief aids Lebanon with winter clothing vouchers for refugees and communities

Beirut, December 15, 2023, The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has taken a proactive step in supporting vulnerable populations in Lebanon by distributing vouchers allowing beneficiaries to procure winter clothing tailored to their specific needs. This initiative, a crucial facet of the center's Kanaf 2023 project, has positively impacted 1,700 individuals hailing from Syrian and Palestinian refugee families, as well as host communities in Lebanon's western Bekaa region, Tripoli, and Sidon.

The distribution of these vouchers is a testament to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's commitment to humanitarian and relief projects, exemplified by KSrelief's dedication to assisting refugees and the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon. The winter clothing vouchers enable beneficiaries to choose items that cater to their individual requirements from approved stores, ensuring a personalized and dignified approach to aid distribution.

As part of the broader humanitarian framework provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by KSrelief, this initiative underscores the commitment to alleviating the challenges faced by refugees and underserved communities during the winter season. By addressing essential needs such as clothing, the project aims to enhance the well-being and resilience of those in need, contributing to the overarching goal of promoting stability and support in the region.

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