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  • Ahmed Saleh

KSrelief partners with WHO for $10M health aid in Gaza

Riyadh, Feb 7, 2024, Yesterday, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) inked a collaborative agreement with the UN World Health Organization (WHO) aimed at bolstering emergency health response efforts in the Gaza Strip. Valued at USD $10 million, the agreement seeks to enhance the provision and expansion of medical supplies and logistical support for those impacted by crises in the region.

The virtual signing ceremony saw the participation of Eng. Ahmed bin Ali Al-Baiz, Assistant General Supervisor for Operations and Programs at KSrelief, and Dr. Hanan Balkhi, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean.

This landmark agreement endeavors to address the critical shortage of essential medical resources, medications, and fuel necessary to sustain the resilience of healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip. Moreover, it aims to furnish medicines and basic medical supplies to 40 medical establishments in the area.

Furthermore, the agreement is poised to reinforce and augment the capacities of healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip, thereby facilitating swift responses to health emergencies and mitigating the incidence of critical cases and fatalities resulting from inadequate healthcare services. The initiative is anticipated to benefit approximately 456,000 individuals.

This collaborative endeavor underscores the commitment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its humanitarian entity KSrelief, to provide unwavering support to the Palestinian people in times of crisis, adversity, and hardship.

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