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  • Ahmed Saleh

Lexus RZ 450e wins Green Car of the Year in France

The Lexus RZ 450e crossover has been honored with the Gold Award for Green Car of the Year at the 2023 Grand Prix Auto Moto in France. The esteemed panel of judges, comprised of the editorial team from the leading magazine Auto Moto, recognized the RZ as "the best decarbonized car of the year." Evaluation criteria encompassed purchase and ownership costs, practicality, and driving pleasure. The accolade was officially presented to Martin Millot, the Marketing Department Head of Lexus France, during a ceremony held in Paris in October.

Distinguished as the first Lexus model purpose-built as an all-electric vehicle, the RZ 450e is designed not only for emissions-free driving but also to harness the full potential of electric vehicles, aligning with the Lexus Electrified philosophy that seeks to redefine the driving experience.

A standout feature of the RZ is its utilization of Lexus' new compact e-Axles, positioned at the front and rear in conjunction with the innovative DIRECT4 intelligent all-wheel-drive system. This exclusive technology automatically adjusts driving force distribution between the front and rear wheels based on driving conditions, enhancing energy efficiency.

Beyond the advantages of DIRECT4, the RZ's dedicated EV platform delivers optimal maneuverability and responsiveness, attributed to its exceptional rigidity, low center of gravity, and extended wheelbase. The integration of a powerful lithium-ion battery beneath the cabin floor further contributes to the vehicle's performance.

The RZ's all-electric powertrain and specialized platform afford the opportunity for new design freedoms. The vehicle boasts a distinctive exterior design, while its interior reflects a clear, open space that is both simple and luxurious—a manifestation of Lexus' Omotenashi hospitality and Takumi craftsmanship. The Gold Award at the Grand Prix Auto Moto reinforces the RZ 450e's standing as an exceptional green vehicle that excels in various aspects of ownership and driving experience.

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