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  • Ahmed Saleh

Madinah's Al-Faqir Well reopens after extensive restoration

Madinah, March 12, 2024, After undergoing an extensive restoration process, the historic Al-Faqir Well in Madinah has reopened its gates to visitors, offering a glimpse into its rich legacy dating back over 14 centuries.

This revered landmark stands as a poignant testament to the acts of charity and benevolence demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Nestled in the heart of Madinah's Al-Aliyah district, the well is surrounded by verdant orchards and holds significant historical significance associated with the life of the Prophet.

Originally, water was drawn from the three-meter diameter well using traditional waterwheels before modern pumps were introduced. Today, the management and development of the well fall under the purview of the Al-Madinah Region Development Authority and other relevant entities.

Aside from the well itself, the site boasts additional features including a pool and intricate channels that distribute water to the nearby orchards, all naturally fed by water from the Bathan Valley.

The recent restoration efforts, meticulously documented by the Saudi Press Agency, have rejuvenated the landmark while preserving its authentic character. A one-meter-high iron fence now encircles the well and its channels, while the water channels and main gate have been fortified using locally sourced stone from a volcanic field.

Enhancements to the site include the addition of palm trees, a meticulously landscaped inner courtyard, and comfortable stone benches strategically placed for visitors' relaxation. An informative board situated at the entrance offers insights into the well's storied history and its profound connection to the life of the Prophet.

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