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  • Ahmed Saleh

Makkah Health Affairs and "Sawaed" initiate Ramadan medical campaign

Makkah, March 17, 2024, The Makkah Health Affairs General Directorate, in partnership with the Ministry of Health's "Sawaed" volunteer project, has launched its annual Ramadan medical campaign. This initiative, facilitated by the Sawaed project, which focuses on volunteer medical opportunities, aims to provide crucial medical and emergency services to Umrah performers and visitors during the sacred month of Ramadan.

Volunteers from the Sawaed project are stationed at key locations such as the Grand Mosque and the Haramain Railway Station to offer first aid and other essential medical services. They also play a vital role in raising awareness about health issues and educating visitors on fundamental health practices.

The Sawaed project, known for its expertise in emergency medical services, ensures prompt and life-saving interventions for visitors at the Grand Mosque. This year's campaign involves 170 Sawaed volunteers organized into six teams within the Grand Mosque, assistingnon-Arabic-speaking those in need.

In response to diverse needs, the campaign has introduced "translator medics," comprising 12 volunteers proficient in multiple languages. They assist medical teams in communicating effectively with non-Arabic speaking patients, enhancing the quality of care provided.

To bolster the campaign's effectiveness, the directorate has equipped medical volunteers with 30 first-aid kits containing essential medical supplies. This provision ensures efficient and timely care delivery to individuals requiring medical assistance during Ramadan.

The Sawaed volunteer project announces volunteer opportunities throughout the Ramadan and Hajj seasons, aiming to encourage broader participation and inspire individuals to collaborate with the public health sector. Through this initiative, volunteers contribute to providing vital medical and emergency services to patients, fostering a spirit of community service and collective well-being.

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