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McLaren reveals intricate 3-7-59 Theme, its most ambitious custom livery

McLaren Automotive has unveiled its most intricate and ambitious custom livery to date – the highly complex 3-7-59 Theme. Executed by the skilled paint technicians at McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the Theme took center stage on a special McLaren 750S supercar revealed by McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris, McLaren IndyCar driver Pato O’Ward, and former McLaren F1 driver Derek Bell, a two-time participant at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a McLaren F1 GTR.

This remarkable livery made its public debut at the Velocity International luxury motorsports festival at Sonoma Raceway, USA. Named the 3-7-59, it serves as a striking homage to McLaren's historic achievement of winning the unofficial 'Triple Crown' in motorsports – victories at the Indianapolis 500, the Monaco Grand Prix, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Its revelation adds a memorable touch to McLaren's 60th-anniversary celebrations since its founding in 1963.

Crafting this masterpiece demanded over 1200 hours of meticulous work by MSO, with six customer cars, all 750S coupes or Spiders, each featuring unique variations of the 3-7-59 Theme, and all already spoken for.

Marking the 60th anniversary milestone, Michael Leiters, CEO of McLaren Automotive, commented, "The 3-7-59 Theme takes inspiration from both of these areas, as a showcase of extreme performance that pays tribute to our Triple Crown success. The most challenging project ever delivered by McLaren Special Operations is a truly stunning expression of McLaren’s industry-leading paint expertise, on a supercar that sets a new benchmark in its class.”

The 3-7-59 Theme draws its name from the race numbers of the triumphant McLarens in each of the three Triple Crown victories: '3' from the 1974 Indy 500, '7' from the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, and '59' from the 1995 Le Mans. It intricately weaves the liveries of these iconic cars into a vibrant collage, capturing the essence of the races and the cars that claimed victory.

Pushing the boundaries of McLaren's paint capabilities, the 3-7-59 Theme incorporates over 20 colors to achieve its visually striking exterior. The artistic prowess of MSO's paint technicians, drawing on decades of experience, shines through, creating an unparalleled depth and detail in each car.

The narrative of the Triple Crown unfolds throughout the 3-7-59 Theme, from the hand-painted key fob mirroring the car's exterior to the front paying homage to the McLaren MP4/2 and the sides honoring the Le Mans-winning F1 GTR. Even the rear, inspired by the 1974 Indy 500 winner, showcases a stunning interplay of colors and numbers.

Aside from its visual spectacle, the 3-7-59 Theme incorporates hidden 'easter eggs' within the paintwork, referencing the winning cars, significant years, and the evolution of McLaren's logo. McLaren has also experimented with new materials, introducing silver leaf detailing on the lower doors, adding a unique touch to the vehicle's exterior.

The interior of the 3-7-59 Theme is equally captivating, featuring Triple Crown logos stitched into the headrests, special carbon fiber door trim, and hand-painted extended carbon fiber shift paddles. Hidden details, including laser-etched artwork on the pedals and a dedication plaque with genuine McLaren Formula 1 car carbon fiber, further enhance the exclusivity of this bespoke creation.

Innovative features such as QR codes, an electrochromic MSO logo, and reflective motifs add interactive elements to the 3-7-59 Theme, elevating it beyond a mere automotive masterpiece to a testament of McLaren's legacy in motorsports.

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