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  • Ahmed Saleh

Military Media Diploma delegation visits SPA headquarters in Riyadh

Riyadh, February 11, 2024, Today, a contingent from the "Military Media Diploma," comprised of both faculty members and students, paid a visit to the headquarters of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) in Riyadh. This excursion, facilitated by the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, forms an integral component of their academic curriculum, aiming to enrich their learning experiences through interactions with relevant ministries and governmental bodies.

During their visit, the delegation explored various departments and divisions within SPA, including editorial, digital media, and translation units. They received detailed insights into the agency's procedures for sourcing and disseminating news across its website and social media platforms, catering to diverse linguistic audiences.

Furthermore, the delegation had the opportunity to engage with the "History of the Saudi State" exhibition, meticulously organized by SPA at its premises. They were briefed on the exhibition's objectives, which serve to highlight SPA's pivotal role in national media and convey an educational narrative steeped in historical significance.

Venturing through the exhibition, adorned with state-of-the-art visual and multimedia installations, the visitors were immersed in the narrative chronicling the rich tapestry of Saudi history, as well as the Kingdom's promising present and future prospects.

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