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  • Ahmed Saleh

Minister Al-Swaha interacts with Saudi entrepreneurs in Tech Frontiers accelerator

Riyadh, December 05, 2023, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng. Abdullah bin Amer Al-Swaha, engaged with a select group of Saudi entrepreneurs participating in the Tech Frontiers accelerator of the Multiverse program. This initiative is facilitated by the Digital Entrepreneurship Center of the ministry.

During the meeting, Minister Al-Swaha received insights into the innovative business models presented by Saudi entrepreneurs and gained a comprehensive understanding of their training and guidance journey during their immersion in Silicon Valley.

The Multiverse program, a testament to the commitment of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, encompasses 10 national startup companies. Its primary objective is to empower these startups, aiding in the expansion of their businesses, fostering strategic partnerships, and providing exposure to the entrepreneurial and investment communities in Silicon Valley. By doing so, the program contributes significantly to the stimulation of digital entrepreneurship within the Kingdom.

The meeting underscores the ministry's dedication to fostering a conducive environment for technological innovation and the growth of startups, aligning with broader national goals of advancing the digital landscape in Saudi Arabia. The Tech Frontiers accelerator, as part of the Multiverse program, plays a crucial role in nurturing and promoting the development of Saudi entrepreneurs on a global scale.

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