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Najran University students publish research paper in Radiation Physics and Chemistry

Najran, August 29, 2023, Students at Najran University, Suha Al-Qahtani and Wijdan Al-Maqbool, have published a research paper in the journal Radiation Physics and Chemistry as part of their graduation project requirements for the Physics Bachelor's Program at the College of Science and Arts. The journal is one of the top ten journals in nuclear physics and is ranked in the first category (Q1). The work addressed the radiation impact on CR-39 track nuclear detectors using heavy-charged particles. Using molten hydrated barium hydroxide (MBH), it also examined the chemical aspects of nuclear impacts. The study outperformed other studies in the sector and produced some remarkable findings in a number of areas. The results of this study helped create seismic sensors that measure elevated radon concentrations and help detect heavy ions and nuclear fission debris.

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