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  • Ahmed Saleh

New real-time occupancy e-service improves Ramadan prayer experience at Prophet's Mosque

Madinah, March 28, 2024, The General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Prophet's Mosque has introduced a real-time occupancy e-service to assist worshippers during the holy month of Ramadan, aiming to streamline crowd control measures and enhance the overall prayer experience at the Prophet's Mosque.

This innovative service, accessible through smartphones and the authority's website, empowers worshippers with the ability to check the current occupancy status of various areas within the mosque before heading for prayers. By providing this information upfront, the service helps individuals avoid overcrowded spaces and ensures a smoother and more organized prayer environment.

Now in its third consecutive year, the real-time occupancy e-service covers 12 key locations within the Prophet's Mosque, including courtyards, eastern, western, and northern expansions, as well as the roof. It also offers insights into designated women's praying areas across different sections of the mosque, such as the eastern and western sides, and the eastern, western, and northern courtyards.

Worshippers and visitors can access the service through the provided link: This resource not only indicates the congestion status at each specified location but also guides worshippers to less crowded areas, particularly during peak times, ensuring a more comfortable and focused prayer experience.

The introduction of this service reflects ongoing efforts by the General Authority to efficiently manage crowds of worshippers, particularly during high seasons and peak hours, thereby enhancing the overall spiritual journey for those visiting the Prophet's Mosque during Ramadan and beyond.

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