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  • Ahmed Saleh

Northwest Territories declare state of emergency due to wildfires

Ottawa, August 16, 2023, In a significant development, the government of Canada's Northwest Territories officially declared a state of emergency on Tuesday. This decision comes in response to the devastating wildfires that have ravaged a remote community, causing extensive destruction. Furthermore, these wildfires also pose a significant threat to the territorial capital, Yellowknife.In a recent statement, the territorial government of the Northwest Territories expressed its intention to acquire and deploy essential resources to effectively manage the ongoing wildfire season. This declaration comes in response to the unprecedented scale of the wildfires and aims to safeguard the health and safety of the region's residents.

In a significant development, the Canadian government announced on Tuesday that it has granted its approval for federal assistance to tackle the raging wildfires. Furthermore, in a show of solidarity and commitment, the military has been deployed to provide much-needed support in the firefighting operations within the affected region. In a recent statement, Canadian federal Emergency Preparedness Minister Harjit Sajjan expressed the government's commitment to collaborating closely with the government of the Northwest Territories. The primary objective of this collaboration is to ensure that communities in the region receive the necessary support and assistance during these challenging times.

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