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  • Ahmed Saleh

Our Habitas expands with three properties in Saudi Arabia's Leyja

London, United Kingdom : Our Habitas, a sustainable hospitality brand, is expanding its experiences-led portfolio with the addition of three properties located in Leyja, a sustainable tourism destination in northwest Saudi Arabia. These properties will offer guests unique experiences focused on adventure, nature, and innovative wellness practices in a natural wadi environment surrounded by towering mountains. The three homes, designed by world-leading architects, feature 120 rooms and suites, each offering a distinct experience while guiding guests on a journey of human transformation.

- Home of Adventure: Offers adventure, sports, and technology experiences, such as rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and multi-day treks.

- Oasis: Celebrates nature's beauty and offers stargazing rituals and culinary delights.

- Home of Wellness: Focuses on longevity and blends innovative wellness practices with ancient rituals.

The properties are designed to enhance the natural surroundings and encourage guests to immerse themselves in the unique environment. Guests are invited to explore the region's nature through guided wadi walks, mountain biking, hiking trails, and adventure sports. Our Habitas aims to foster deeper human connections through guided experiences, including intimate concerts, art walks, and pop-up culinary events.

Our Habitas Co-Founder and CEO, Oliver Ripley, expressed excitement about the project's uniqueness and its potential to offer guests a transformative journey. The partnership aligns with NEOM's ambition to be a catalyst for change in the hospitality industry, providing personalized and inclusive experiences for visitors to Leyja. Jeremy Lester, NEOM Executive Director of Gulf of Aqaba, emphasized the sustainable blending of natural and developed landscapes in Leyja, promoting serenity, escape, and adventure in the area's stunning natural beauty.

The partnership between Our Habitas and NEOM was unveiled in a metaverse environment that showcased the natural location where the hotels will be situated, providing a glimpse of the experiences to come.

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