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  • Ahmed Saleh

609,267 foreign pilgrims complete Hajj, leaving a lasting impact on Madinah.

Madinah, July 23, 2023, The number of pilgrims who arrived in Madinah after performing rituals of Hajj has reached 609,267 foreign pilgrims.

The statistics of the Hajj and Visit Committee showed that the total number of arrivals to Madinah on Saturday amounted to 28,717 pilgrims.

The statistics indicated that the total number of pilgrims heading to their homelands amounted to 446,581 pilgrims, while the number of those who departed on Saturday reached 27,847 pilgrims, of whom 25,441 pilgrims departed from Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah on board of 107 flights, while 2343 pilgrims left from the immigration reception station via 21 flights.

The statistics added that the number of pilgrims still staying in Madinah until Saturday reached 162,619 pilgrims, the housing occupancy rate in Madinah reached 54%, while 1629 pilgrims benefited from medical services.

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