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  • Sheryll Mericido

SABIC wins R&D 100 2023 for Plastic-Based Copolymer with Unique Design

Riyadh, August 25, 2023, SABIC's creation of a new grade of copolymer that distinguishes itself by a plastic-based design rather than a metal one has earned it the Research and Development Innovation Award (R&D 100) for the year 2023 in the category of materials or mechanical technologies from the US-based "R&D World" Magazine. Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al-Fageeh, the CEO of SABIC, said, "We are proud of obtaining this worldwide award, which symbolizes a high-level global acknowledgment for SABIC's constant efforts and an important addition to the company's outstanding and pioneering record in innovation. As confirmation of our dedication to bringing cutting-edge technologies and solutions that have a positive impact on our planet, this is also an acknowledgment of SABIC's degree of innovation culture. A polycarbonate-based copolymer that has won awards, LNPTM ELCRESTM satisfies the strictest performance and legal criteria for contemporary 1.5 kV solar systems. It is suited for PV connector arrangements. As the "Sustainability Innovator of the Year" in the professional category, the magazine also recognized Dr. Bob Maughon, Executive Vice President, Technology and Innovation, of SABIC. The R&D 100 Award was created in 1963 to recognize and honor cutting-edge goods, innovations, and commercial materials that are available for purchase or licensing.

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