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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Red Crescent prepares Grand Mosque emergency services for Ramadan

Makkah, March 12, 2024, The Saudi Red Crescent Authority in the Makkah region has geared up to provide vital emergency services for pilgrims visiting the Grand Mosque during Ramadan. Dr. Mustafa Baljoun, the Director of the Authority's Makkah branch, has confirmed the implementation of a comprehensive strategy, boasting over 35 ambulance centers strategically positioned throughout the area. Among these centers, six are stationed directly at the Grand Mosque, with an additional 21 internal and eight external facilities.

Equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment, the initiative involves a fleet of over 80 ambulances and a workforce of approximately 887 dedicated personnel, ensuring swift and efficient emergency responses. To navigate the vast courtyards of the Holy Mosque, the Authority has deployed seven crisis management vehicles, 150 bicycles and scooters, 10 motorcycles, and 14 golf carts. Moreover, a corps of 900 male and female volunteers from the Red Crescent Authority will collaborate to cater to the needs of Grand Mosque visitors throughout Ramadan.

The overarching objectives of this plan are to provide top-notch emergency medical and support services encompassing the Two Holy Mosques and their environs during Ramadan. It places a strong emphasis on activating the volunteer system, tapping into the nation's young talent pool to bolster emergency medical services.

Of particular focus are critical emergency scenarios during religious rituals, necessitating immediate medical attention or rapid transport to the nearest healthcare facility at the Grand Mosque. During the final ten days of Ramadan, emergency teams will heighten their presence in areas with significant congregational density, as determined in close coordination with relevant authorities.

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