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  • Ahmed Saleh

The Makkah Health Cluster Prepares for Ramadan: Ensuring Comprehensive Medical Services

Makkah, March 13, 2024, As the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, the Makkah Health Cluster is proud to announce its comprehensive readiness to cater to the health needs of the community. With meticulously crafted operational plans in place, all hospitals and affiliated health centers are primed to deliver integrated medical services of the highest caliber. Under the vigilant supervision of the Ministry of Health, these plans have been carefully curated to ensure seamless healthcare provision throughout this sacred period.

A total of eight hospitals and 43 health centers have diligently completed preparations to execute these plans effectively. Among them, Ajyad Emergency Hospital stands out, tirelessly operating round-the-clock to extend healthcare services to visitors of the Grand Mosque. Moreover, within the corridors of the Holy Mosque, three emergency centers stand equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to address any emergent medical needs. Notably, Al-Haram Hospital, nestled in the northern courtyards of the Grand Mosque, stands as a beacon of medical assistance.

Harnessing all available resources, the Health Cluster has prioritized the training and development of personnel, ensuring their readiness to meet the demands of the season. Across all outpatient clinics within hospitals and centers, preparations are underway to welcome beneficiaries and deliver top-notch healthcare services. Through a collaborative effort, a smooth and efficient workflow has been established amongst all affiliated centers and hospitals, facilitating the swift acceptance and transfer of cases as per medical urgency, thereby ensuring prompt healthcare delivery.

In dealing with stroke cases, all hospitals in Makkah operate a dedicated hotline and collaborate with the SEHA Virtual Hospital, adhering strictly to international standards to enhance patient outcomes and save lives. King Abdullah Medical City, serving as the premier reference hospital for heart and stroke cases, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. Swift transfers of cases to this facility are orchestrated in accordance with internationally specified timelines, ensuring timely intervention and optimal patient care within the Makkah Health Cluster.

Furthermore, hospitals such as Al-Noor Specialist, King Faisal, King Abdulaziz, Hira General, Ajyad, and Maternity and Children Hospitals are fully equipped to handle a wide array of cases through their emergency departments. These facilities stand ready to provide immediate and effective care, bolstering the overarching commitment of the Makkah Health Cluster to prioritize the health and well-being of the community during this auspicious time.

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