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  • Ahmed Saleh

The Theater Commission curated 'Jungle,' enriching cultural showcase at Princess Nourah

Riyadh, November 15, 2023, In a captivating display of cultural enrichment, the Theater and Performing Arts Commission curated the sixth edition of its Argentinian shows, titled 'Jungle,' at the Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University's blue stage. The event, which unfolded on November 18, showcased a fusion of traditional Brazilian performing arts intertwined with the captivating sounds of South American enchanting forests.

Running until Saturday, the show immersed the audience in a sensory experience where an orchestra contributed to the ambiance by performing musical pieces that artfully captured the essence of life in the mesmerizing forests of South America.

As part of the holistic cultural experience, the commission organized an accompanying promotional exhibition, featuring interactive experiences that served to illuminate the thematic origins of the event, rooted in the rich artistic tapestry of Argentina.

This cultural extravaganza is part of a larger initiative by the commission, extending until December 9, dedicated to bringing diverse performing arts and exhibitions from Argentina and South America to the forefront. By attracting talent from various corners of the world, the commission aims to create a global tapestry of performing arts that transcends borders and enriches the cultural landscape.

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