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  • Ahmed Saleh

Benzema of Al Ittihad Club surprises temporarily withdraws from Instagram

JEDDAH — In a surprising turn of events, French football star Karim Benzema, who currently plays for Saudi Arabia's Al Ittihad Club, has opted to temporarily withdraw from the social media platform Instagram. This decision follows his team's unexpected defeat against Al Nassr in the 17th round of the Saudi Professional League, where Al Nassr secured a dominating victory with a score of five goals to two.

The defeat has sparked criticism from fans and sports analysts, particularly regarding Benzema's performance, which was highly anticipated given his status as a top-tier player. The French forward's withdrawal from Instagram suggests a response to the pressures and disappointments stemming from the match.

Observers noted that Benzema did not meet the expected level of performance, leading to reflections on the overall team's display. The scrutiny on his recent performances, compared to previous matches, suggests that psychological and physical pressures may be affecting his ability to deliver his best on the field.

Since joining Al Ittihad in the summer of 2023 from Real Madrid, Benzema's arrival was considered a significant acquisition for the Saudi club. However, he has faced challenges in meeting the high expectations of fans, especially following the notable defeat.

The decision to deactivate his Instagram account may be a strategic move by Benzema to temporarily step back from the public eye, allowing him to focus on improving his performance and handling the psychological pressure associated with the recent match.

The response of Al Ittihad Club's technical and administrative staff will be crucial in boosting the player's morale and helping him regain his usual form. Despite the challenges, the football community is keenly watching Benzema's journey with Al Ittihad, wondering whether he will rediscover his attacking prowess or if his decision to deactivate Instagram hints at a deeper crisis. Only time will reveal the trajectory of the French star's performance and his future with the Saudi club.

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