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  • Sheryll Mericido

Cristiano Ronaldo's Al Nassr team unexpectedly drew 2-2 against Abha

RIYADH — Cristiano Ronaldo, the celebrated Portuguese star and captain of Al Nassr, left Al-Awwal Park with disappointment as what appeared to be a certain victory for his team in the Saudi Professional League ended in a surprising 2-2 draw against Abha. The match took an unexpected turn with Cameroonian Ekambi's remarkable long-range goal during extra time, securing a draw that felt like a victory for Abha on the road.

Abha, considered the underdog and lagging behind in the league standings, managed to halt Al Nassr's winning streak in this fiercely contested match held in Riyadh as part of the league's ninth round.

Al Nassr started strong with an early goal from Portuguese player Otavio in the third minute, setting the stage for what initially seemed like an easy victory for the team. Talisca then extended their lead with a second goal by the 28th minute.

However, Abha narrowed the gap with a penalty skillfully converted by Saad Bguir into the yellow net in the 36th minute.

Despite Al Nassr's persistent efforts to increase their lead, Abha, who entered the match after their Polish coach's dismissal, relentlessly pressed forward to equalize in the later stages of the game. Ekambi successfully accomplished this mission with a powerful shot.

Following this draw, Al Nassr secured 19 points, while Abha earned their seventh point in the league. The outcome disrupted Al Nassr's flawless streak and added an element of drama to the ongoing competition in the Saudi Professional League.

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